Quagero Imazawa

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Myspace : Quagero Imazawa

Electric bass player and composer goin' around the world with a bass.
Evaluated the extreme techniques utilizing a special 6-string electric bass to overcome the limitation of the bass as instrument, and magical skills manipulating the effectors, as dubbed for "Bass Ninja".

QUAI / Quagero Imazawa

Eighteenth album of Quagero Imazawa.
He plays with the singings of insects (Cicadas, and more).
All tracks are recorded with one-take session, no edits and no over-dubbings.
(2015 release)

SPIN,SPIN... / Quagero Imazawa

Seventeenth album of Quagero Imazawa.
Imazawa started "BASSNINJA wired", instantaneous composing project with world-wide performers.
On this album, he plays as piano trio style with Takuto Kudo and more.
(2014 release)

HOPE / Quagero Imazawa

Sixteenth album of Quagero Imazawa.
Connect to the world.
Connect to the past.
Connect to the future.
(2013 release)

SUPERLIGHT / Quagero Imazawa

Fifteenth album of Quagero Imazawa.
Sounds like hiphop / black music style, transcoding the bass sounds to Midi.
(2012 release)

HANSA / Quagero Imazawa

Fourteenth album of Quagero Imazawa.
Trance music by transcoding the bass sounds to Midi.
(2011 release)

STANDARDS / Quagero Imazawa

thirteenth album of Quagero Imazawa.
Featuring the guitarist Yuya Komoguchi and drummer Ryosuke Wakabayashi, Imazawa plays the standard numbers of rock, soul, jazz, fusion, and classic.
(2009 release)

BASSIST, ELECTRIC / Quagero Imazawa

Twelveth album of Quagero Imazawa.
Featuring Art Hand (drums, percussion), Imazawa plays rock sounds.
(2008 release)

BASSNINJA DVD / Quagero Imazawa

DVD containing live performace of Quagero Imazawa.
(2007 release)

BASS DAYS / Quagero Imazawa

Eleventh album of Quagero Imazawa.
Not independent, his first major label release.
Including re-recording of his past tracks, and the covers ofstandard jazz "Night in Tunisia" "Maiden voyage" "Autumn leaves" etc.
Featuring Akira Jinbo and Art Hand as the drummers.
(2006 release)

FOLKS / Quagero Imazawa

Tenth album of Quagero Imazawa.
Fusion of 500 tones by Synthesizer Bass and mind of returning to his musical roots.
(2005 release)

AMPLIFIED / Quagero Imazawa

Nineth album of Quagero Imazawa.
This album features simple and slow tracks played by early 70's vintage Fender Bass.
(2004 release)

TAPIRUS / Quagero Imazawa

Eighth album of Quagero Imazawa.
This album features slow and ambient Imazawa's Ballad tracks only.
(2003 release)

SNATCH! / Quagero Imazawa

Seventh album of Quagero Imazawa.
Featuring the drum sounds (by secret player)Ahe expresses heavy rock'n Roll style.
(2003 release)

II / Quagero Imazawa

Sixth album of Quagero Imazawa.
his first recording of Hokkaido, Japan as his homeground.
(2002 release)

CYBORG OM/ Quagero Imazawa

Fifth album of Quagero Imazawa.
Recorded in Berlin.
(2001 release)

4 PHUSION / Quagero Imazawa

Fourth album of Quagero Imazawa.
Dark and metalic styled "Gothic-Fusion".
Recorded in Berlin.
(2000 release)

PSYBASS METALOOP / Quagero Imazawa

Third album of Quagero Imazawa.
His first studio-recorded album.
Recorded in Berlin.
(1999 release)


Second album of Quagero Imazawa.
Live recorded in Berlin.
(1998 release)


First album of Quagero Imazawa.
Live recorded in Tokyo and NY.
(1997 release)

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